13 May 2017 @ 06:57 pm
Email me at: tinbulum@gmail.com


Default pricing will be as follows: $25 for head shots, $30 for waist ups, and $35 for full bodies. These will all be colored, with no background.

Examples (styles might vary a little in these, but commissions will be more polished and we can discuss coloring/lineart style):
Headshots: x x
Waist up: x x
Full body: x x

Each additional character in the same art will be $5 off, up to a maximum of three characters (so, for 3 characters waist up, it'll be $30 + $25 + $20 = $75 total)

I will draw both fanart and ocs, but my art style tends to look best for younger characters, so just... be aware of that, I guess. I will be in contact if I don't think I'll be able to complete the commission satisfactorily!

I will also draw animals/other creatures, which will be priced differently from the above (e.g. a flat $10 for 1-3 smaller animals like cats or dogs, or $15 for a Pokemon, etc.) and these prices can be discussed!

My turnaround time may be as fast as a day, to probably... a week, if something unexpected comes up on my end, at which I'll be in contact for whether you want to keep waiting, or cancel the order.

Payment can be either upfront or after receiving a preliminary sketch, at which you can request anything that needs to be changed. I draw on a 1000x1000 canvas, so my art is generally smaller than that, so please let me know if you need it to be larger.

Please contact me via email for questions or for requesting a slot!